Stars of the Week 17/9/18!!

Stars of the Week 17/9/18!!

17/9/18 – 22/9/18

A massive congratulations to all of the students who won star of the week this week in their class!! We hope you enjoyed taking home our star bears or medals to show off to your friends and family.

Monday Junior Dance – Una Webb

Una always listens in class and is picking up the dances very quickly! She is now able to start performing them using her face and lots of energy!! This is why Una won star of the week this week. 

Monday Junior Gym – Ebony Fever 

Ebony won star of the week for constantly working hard throughout the whole lesson. She always uses her listening skills and even mastered her back to bridge!! Well done Ebony. 

Girls Street Dance – Scarlett Longley 

Scarlett won star of the week this week because she has been working so hard every week to remember the routine, she is always smiling, happy and polite to all the other students in the class! Well done Scarlett!

Tuesday Beginner Ballet – Tessa Barker

Tessa won star of the week in ballet this week because she has been working so hard to listen to all of the corrections she is given and is constantly improving! She had great listening skills and always has a big smile on her face!

Tuesday Beginner Tap –  Riley Ezzi

Riley won star of the week in tap this week because she had super super listening skills and really focused on the class! She worked so hard and tried extremely hard to prefect the steps we have been learning! Well done Riley!

Pre School Gymnastics – Evie Gibson 

Evie comes in to class with the biggest smile on her face each week, her progress learning shapes each week is fantastic. Evie sets an example for the rest of the class and shows great listening and concentration for the whole lesson. We can’t wait to see you continue to improve Evie, well done!

Boys Street Dance – Theo King 

Theo got star of the week this week for being so well behaved and not shy during his first few lessons with us! Well done Theo keep up the good work!!

Musical Theatre – Phoebe Ramfos

Phoebe received star of the week as she was showing great concentration whilst singing. Not only did Pheobe remember her part in the song, but was able to prompt and support other people in the class. This proved how much she was concentrating in class, well done. Keep up the good work. 

Tunstall Gymnastics – Tabatha Vickery 

Tabitha won star of the week this week in gymnastics because she is always smiling and cheerful in class, she has super good listening skills and is always working really hard! She also is starting to learn lots of new skills! Well done Tabitha!

Cheerleading – Bea Webb 

Bea won star of the week in cheerleading for her amazing concentration and listen skills whilst practicing our lifts. She was able to act as a head side base and count everyone in correctly in order to execute and safe and effective lift. Well done Bea!!

Saturday Beginners Tap – Isla Edwards 

Isla won star of the week this week for being able to use her listen skills and join in with the class. She showed us some fabulous tap moves including being able to clap and stamp 8 times. Well done Isla, I can’t wait to see your sparkly tap shoes tomorrow 

Saturday Junior Gym – Megan Fulton

Megan received star of the week this week for her constant hard work and dedication when trying to achieve her back to bridge. She is desperate to hit this milestone and always tries 100%. We know you’ll get it Megan keep trying!!


Another huge congratulations to all of our STARS OF THE WEEK!! All of us here at EDC are so proud of you, keep up the good work!