Stars of the Week 24/9/18!!

Stars of the Week 24/9/18!!

24/9/18 – 29/9/18

A massive congratulations to all of the students who won star of the week this week in their class!! We hope you enjoyed taking home our star bears or medals to show off to your friends and family.

Monday Junior Dance – Mia Gray

Mia received star of the week this week as she was extremely caring towards a new student within the class. Mia has been with us a year now and it was not long ago that some of our older students had to look after her.
She has come on a huge amount within the year and we are so proud of how much she has grown in both skill and confidence. Well done Mia.

Monday Junior Gym – Hettie Matthews 

Hettie won star of the week this week in gymnastics because she had great listening skills and worked super hard for the whole class! She is constantly improving and works really hard to learn new skills! Well done hettie!

Girls Street Dance – Sofia 

Sofia won star of the week in street dance this week because she always works really hard and is super sassy with her dance moves! She is always smiling and always listening! Well done Sofia!

Tuesday- Musical Theatre- Siennah Feenan

Well done Siennah, you really showed a growth in confidence within class this week. Each week you taking another step out of your comfort zone, I love seeing you grow and I am so happy that you were brave enough to sing on your own this week. Well done Siennah. 

Tuesday Beginners Ballet – Ava Terry

Ava won star of the week in ballet this week because she is still very new to ballet and has worked so hard to listen and perfect and practice the routines we are learning at the moment! She has improved a lot in only a couple of weeks! Well done Ava!

Tuesday Beginners Tap – Lizzie Knight 

Lizzie won star of the week in tap this week because she is a pleasure to teach she has worked extremely hard to perfect the steps she has learnt in tap and will not stop until she gets it right! She is always smiling, polite and listening and always ready to learn! Well done Lizzie!

Boys Tricks and Stunts – Rueben Hancock-Esler

Rueben won star of the week this week for giving new tricks a try, always listening to instructions and being safe during class! Well done Rueben.

Boys Street Dance – Oliver Edwards

Oliver won star of the week this week for always being full of energy, showing good listening skills and always working hard! Well done Oliver.

Tunstall Gymnastics – Millie Hodges 

Millie won star of the week in gymnastics this week because she worked so hard to make sure she listened and worked really hard in her gymnastics skills! She is constantly improving and is determined to learn new skills with a positive attitude! Well done millie!

Cheerleading – Amaya Wattley 

Amaya won star of the week in cheerleading this week because she had super good listening skills and has perfected all of the new jumps she has learnt in the last couple of weeks! She works so hard and is always smiling and well behaved! Well done Amaya!

Saturday Beginners Ballet – Libby Allart 

Libby won star of the week this week for always being eager to join in a using amazing listening skills. She always follows direction and is improving so much each and every week. Well done Libby!!

Saturday Beginners Tap – Lily Short

Lily has been working very hard in tap and is constantly improving. Her ability to listen to counts and learn new exercises is brilliant. She always helps everyone else in class when they need it as well. Well done Lily keep up the good work!

Saturday Junior Gym – Max Phillips

Max received star of the week this week for not only achieving his back to bridge, but also showing hard work and determination into getting his kick over! Max is working very hard in gymnastics and it is defiantly paying off. Well done Max!