Stars of the week 1/10/18

Stars of the week 1/10/18


A huge congratulations to all of our students who won star of the week this week!! We hope you have all enjoyed looking after our bears and showing off your medals to your friends and family.


Monday Junior Dance – Evie George

Evie won star of the week this week for remembering the dance perfectly and showing us that she has been working hard and practicing at home! Big well done Evie, keep up the hard work!!


Monday Junior Gym – Hailee Acott

Hailee worked really hard in gym this week, using her super good listening skills and remembering all the gymnastic shapes. She also showed great work when practicing her skipping and hopping! Well done Hailee.


Girls Street Dance – Scarlett Longley

Scarlett won star of the week in street dance this week for the second time this term!! She always listens and smiles through the whole class! She is kind and polite to her friends and other students in the class! And try’s super hard! Well done scarlet!


Tuesday beginners Ballet – Isabelle Mortimore

Isabelle won star of the week in ballet because she is always so hard working and try’s her best in everything she does! Her improvement from when she started ballet to now is amazing! She has perfected the perfect first position! She had great listening skills and I’m super proud of how hard she’s worked so far this term!


Tuesday beginners Tap – Caitlyn Smith

Caitlyn won star of the week in tap this week because she has great listening skills and hasn’t been doing tap for very long and has worked so hard to perfect and learn new skills! She is always trying and never gives up when she doesn’t get something the first time! Well done Caitlyn!


Boys Tricks and Stunts – Riley Harms

Riley won star of the week this week for demonstrating his tricks really well in front of the whole class and helping his friends understand what to do! Well done Riley.


Boys Street Dance – Jahmai Jeremie

Jahmai won star of the week this week for being really confident in his first class with us and helping the younger students learn the choreography! Well Jahmai keep up the good work!


Musical Theatre – Poppy Webb

Poppy is continuously showing great confidence within Musical Theatre. Whilst working on her own lines, Poppy is always happy to help others within the class. Well done Poppy


Pre School Gymnastics – Jaxon Wattley

Jaxon had his best listening ears on. Being the first to sit down, practice his jumps and master his roles. Jaxon really deserved the star bear, well done Jaxson keep up the good work

Tunstall Gymnastics – Arthur Weekes

Arthur won star of the week in gymnastics this week because he is always so happy and full of energy and this week he put all of his energy into making sure he listened for the whole class and didn’t get distracted! He has worked so hard to learn new skills and improves every week! Well done Arthur!


Saturday Beginners Ballet – Keira Merchant

Keira received star of the week in ballet, she works so hard each week and I’m so proud of how far she has come in such a short amount of time. She listen immensely in each class and works so hard. Well done Keira


Saturday Beginners Tap – Nya Jeremie

Nya won star of the week this week for being so well behaved during class and listening throughout! She performed her stamps so well and is starting to be able to count and copy claps. Well done Nya!!

Saturday Junior Gym – Sophia French

Sophia won star of the week this week as she really came out of her shell! She went the whole lesson without needing mum and is starting to learn and remember all of the shapes. Her forward rolls have improved so much since starting and we can defiantly tell she has been practicing at home. Well done Sophia!


Everyone here at EDC are so proud of each and every one of our students who received star of the week this week! Keep up the amazing work.