Stars of The Week 8/10/18

Stars of The Week 8/10/18

8/10/18 – 13/10/18

Another exciting week for our star bears and medals! Huge congratulations to all of our stars this week, your hard work and dedication in class was noticed and we hope you enjoy taking our bears home and showing off your medals to all of your friends and family!!

Monday Junior Dance – Ayla Moon

Ayla won star of the week this week as she worked so hard throughout the whole lesson. She is remembering all of the moves in her exam dance and is now starting to understand the counts and timing to the music! Well done Ayla.


Monday Junior Gymnastics – Toni Oseni

Toni won star of the week in gymnastics this week because it was only her second week of gymnastics and she tried super hard with great listening skills! She has also remembered all of her shapes she learnt in the first week! Well done Toni!


Girls Street Dance – Olivia Hanafin

Olivia won star of the week in street dance this week because she is usually really shy and likes to stay by my side and hold my hand for most of the lesson! But this week she was super confident and did everything all by herself, she worked really hard and didn’t hold my hand once! It’s a pleasure seeing her confidence start to grow! Well done Olivia!


Pre School Gymnastics –  Viktoria

Viktoria received star of the week, as she worked really well for the whole class. She was listening to every instruction and worked so hard. Well done😊

Tuesday Beginners Ballet – Eva Knightingale

Eva won star of the week in ballet because she is usually easily distracted and finds it hard to concentrate but this week she was really focused and listened for the whole lesson! She worked super hard with everything she was being taught and had a big smile on her face the whole time! Well done Eva!


Tuesday Beginners Tap – Tegan Hancock-Esler

Tegan won star of the week in tap because she has worked so hard to practice on her tap moves and to make sure she is doing them correctly! She has improved so such and really focused this week! Well done Tegan!


Boys Street Dance – Jack Townsend

Jack won star of the week this week for taking part in the whole class without getting distracted and being brave after he hurt himself.


Boys Tricks and Stunts – William Mortimore

William won star of the week this week for listening to all instructions, not going on the equipment when told not to and always working the hardest he can.


Tunstall Gymnastics – Florence

Florence won star of the week in gymnastics this week because always has really good listening skills and works very hard every week! She is constantly improving and learning new skills. She is always focused and polite! Well done Florence!


Pre School Dance – Elliot Moore

Elliot received star of the week, as he came in with a great attitude ready to show us his dancing. He’s a great character to have in the class, well done Elliot.


Cheerleading – Ruby Jeal

Ruby won star of the week in cheerleading this week because she is always smiling and super polite to everyone! She has worked so hard to perfect her cheer jumps and is always listening and working hard throughout the whole lesson! Well done ruby!


Saturday Beginners Ballet – Zachary Foster

Zackary received star of the week in ballet. He has settled in really well to be class and is showing that he is listening and taking in everything that is said during class. Keep up the good work Zackary, we are very happy to have you as part of EDC


Saturday Beginners Tap – Isla Edwards

Isla won star of the week this week for being able to join back into the class after being a little upset and tired! She was able to focus and enjoy the lesson and is starting to show a real interest in tap, especially stamping!! Well done Isla


Saturday Junior Gym – Emelie Honeyman

Emilie showed her ability to listen really well in class. She took lead on line work and set a great example for the rest of the class. Keep up the good work.

Another massive well done to all of you!! Keep up the hard work!