About EDC

Kent’s fresh and upcoming dance and gymnastic school

One of our main goals is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to find a passion within our school. We have so much to offer giving each child the confidence to step out of their comfort zone. With support from teachers, peers and family, individually they will be encouraged to shine. A bond is created between students when they join a classes, they become a team. Friends are made for life bringing the best out of each other when they are working as close as they do. We pride ourselves in having students who are kind, friendly and welcoming to anyone who joins the company.

From Street to contemporary we have a range of different dance styles to choose from, working on correct technique, style and performance. We ensure that each child is in the correct class suited for them, whether it be based on there age, level or aspirations. We want the best for our students. Each class will have the opportunity to take part in exams in freestyle IDTA, where they will work on routines in groups to earn awards and work their way up in the grades.

They will also work towards routine to be able to perform in the Annual shows. The annual show is a memorable part of any pupils experience, offering them a chance to feel the magic that occurs whilst performing to an audience. It is their chance to shine! We encourage participation as they are supported through the entire process so that they can share this amazing experience with us and all of there friends.

We also take great pride in our well structured gymnastics programme, teaching the basic and essential skills in Gymnastics. We ensure that everyone is working at a level that suits them- the Acro style gymnastics helps along side dance promoting strength, flexibility, power and tricks for all abilities to come and try. Gymnastics classes also have the opportunity to participate in the shows, and take assessments to move up in grades within the classes.

Each year, every student will have the opportunity to not only take part in the show and exams, but come on a range of trips, attend workshops and presentation evening within the company.

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Currently operating across Kent. Click here for Timetables.

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