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What you’ll get with our classes

Being an EDC Student

  • Fulfil your potential!

    Our classes are created to help your child achieve their best results in multiple fields of Dance and Gymnastics.

  • Fun and Teamwork!

    We have so much to offer, giving each child the confidence to step out of their comfort zone. With support from teachers, peers and family, individually they will be encouraged to shine. Our students quickly develop a true sense of teamwork and make friendships for life.

  • IDTA Exams and Annual Shows!

    Each class will have the opportunity to take part in exams in freestyle IDTA, where they will work on routines in groups to earn awards and work their way up in the grades. They will also work towards routine to be able to perform in the Annual shows. The annual show is a memorable part of any pupils experience, offering them a chance to feel the magic that occurs whilst performing to an audience. It is their chance to shine!

Our Classes

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