My daughter started gymnastics with EDC at 5 years old. In the year she has started she has come on leaps and bounds literally!! She has gone from the juniors to the senior class and passed her first exam with flying colours. She loves gymnastics and this is mainly down to Bekah and Katie! They are wonderful teachers and so welcoming Lila loves going but hates being away from me and somedays she is reluctant and without the care and attention that is paid to Lila she may not actually go! I’m so thankful to everything they do and the way they look after Lila.

Donna Brett Junior/Senior Gymnastics

I was a bit nervous before I started my classes but the teachers are so fun and helpful, now I can’t wait for the next lesson.

Danielle Street Dance Student

Since attending EDC, my girls have flourished amongst new friends, learn’t how to work in a team and perform some lovely dance routines. They’ve also been able to ‘show off’ in the end of year EDC show and demonstrate all the new skills they’ve learn’t. If your looking for a dance class for your child then look no further!

Sarah Student Parent

EDC have given my daughter the chance to follow her one true passion. Bekah and Katie are fabulous teachers and we are so pleased with the classes on offer.

Charlotte Wattley Student Parent